Hello Chris. I was really suprised when i found Atanas Dalchevs poems in internet . I am bulgarian student in Germany and i wanted to search some translations in german of Dalchevs poetry, but i found it in english. Your translation is very good . Congratulations!Regards and i wish you success!

27 September 2017

by: Ирина

I have to confess that I only heard of you today. Shame on me. I lived and worked in Bulgaria for many tears, but have now retired to Scotland. I try to maintain an interest in Bulgarian Culture, History and Literature.

01 August 2017

by: Hamish Kirk

Hello, overall i love the translations, but i have a comment in Atanas Dalchev\'s \"The house\". That is that at the last line i believe that it should be
\"whom they’d buried nine days ago.\", not\"whom they’d dug up nine days ago.\"

05 February 2017

by: Nikolay Valkov

I enjoyed the translations.

08 January 2017

by: Van Patten

I was very impressed by your translation of Dimcho Debeljanov\'s poems. Have you also translated \"Az iskam da te pomnja vse taka...

04 June 2016

by: Julia Zinsmeister

It was wonderful to read this Chris, witty and very funny. I relate personally to so much and live in Bulgaria.I am a songwriter,, and congratulate Anna on her first novel. very well done!I wish you both every success.

20 February 2016

by: Jonathan Taylor

Hi Chris, great to see you in town today. Love the website...ordering a copy of The Devil\'s Notebook. Have a great Christmas and new year.
Regards, Ken

22 December 2015

by: Ken Holmes

Well organized. Easy to navigate. Contains a wealth of information in a succinct format. Of course, I am most impressed with the fact that I actually have met this author; he is an amazing person.

21 December 2015

by: Carol Clower

I am delighted to see Debeljanov translated in English!

14 July 2015

by: Vasil Pirgozliev

Hello, do you know where can I find the translation of Yordan Yovkov`s work \"Seraphim\"? By the way,wonderful translation of our bulgarian writer`s Albena text..congratulations!

09 January 2015

by: Desi K

Харесвам преводите ти както и стила ти. Имаш ли превод на П. Яворов \"Вълшебница\" :

Душата ми е пленница смирена,

плени я твоята душа! — пленена,

душата ми е в тихи две очи,

Душата ми те моли и заклина:

тя моли; — аз те гледам; — век измина…

Душата ти вълшебница мълчи.

Душата ми се мъчи в глад и жажда,

но твоята душа се не обажда,

душата ти, дете и божество…

Мълчание в очите ти царува:

душата ти се може би срамува

за своето вълшебно тържество.

22 October 2014

by: Alice Shopova

Just happened across your page \'Everyday life in communist Bulgaria\', whilst doing a bit of research as regards Valna. Enjoyed the read very much, puts ordinary life into perspective.
Here\'s power to your pen!

15 April 2014

by: Chris Devismes

Excellent translation!
Yordan Yovkov is among the very best masters of Bulgarian literature and \"Albena\" is my personal favourite.

23 February 2014

by: S. Panova

Dear Sir,

I\'ve always wished to find an Englishman who translates Bulgarian authors! I am so happy that such people exist! Thank you and congratulations on your ptrofessionalism. My mom is a Bulgarian literature teacher but she speaks no English at all. However,she was fascinated by your work.
I hope you do continue!

15 November 2013

by: Dr.Evgeni Kavrakov

Hello, Fellow Translator. I chanced on your page looking for the \"correct\" English transliteration of the name of the Bulgarian poet Kiril Christov (that\'s how you have him), for a text on the First World War. Thank you!
Teresa, Kraków, Poland

08 July 2013

by: Teresa Bałuk-Ulewiczowa

I read your post and wished I\'d wirettn it

06 June 2013

by: Jeanette

It\'s a real plaersue to find someone who can think like that

06 June 2013

by: Noelia

This does look promising. I\'ll keep conmig back for more.

05 June 2013

by: Mande

Very, very intriguing. Bourgas, a? We live in Ahtopol - a family of an English translator and writer and an English husband. Perhaps we think of some presentation of your work to the Ahtopol society this summer?

14 April 2013

by: Dora Veleva

Dear Christopher,

I was looking for help with translating Nedyalko Yordanov's Усмихни се, Любов poem in English and came across your website, I must say your work is fantastic! I am getting married next week and have included the above poem in our Order of Service, and was hoping that by getting it translated our non- Bulgarian speaking guests will have an idea of what’s being read. Unfortunately I only came across your site today, and I have to complete all texts for the Orders of Service by Thursday, I realise this is not nearly enough time but thought I should at least enquire.

Please could you let me know if this is at all possible We are based in the UK.

Many thanks in advance

Kind regards


09 April 2013

by: Daniela

A good site and an impressive volume of work, Mr Buxton.
Looking forward to the next book.

12 January 2013

by: Michael Jones

Glad to hear about you, Mr. Buxton. Are you by chance related to the Buxton Brothers of the eponymous neighbourhood in Sofia?

Chris writes

Hi, I'm not sure. The name is not that common and quite localised in East Anglia where my great grandfather was a publican, but the links are quite distant. The name is useful when Bulgarians want to know how to spell it. I say "kato kvartala v London"

09 March 2012

by: Vladimir Dvotetzki

Драги г-н Бъкстон, прочел съм всички ваши книги, издадени в България и нямам търпение да прочета следващата. Дано да е свързана пак с българскта история - близка или далечна. Желая ви успешна пролет!

06 March 2012

by: Георги Вълчев

Hello, my name is Vincent and I'm trying to find a Chris Buxton my mother used to know who lived in Berkeley, CA. Don't know if its you or not and was wondering if you could tell me. Don't worry its nothing bad or criptic a simple yes or no will do. I never met the man my mother knew. The Chris I'm looking for was born in 1951 or 1952. Thanks. By the way great website.

22 January 2012

by: Do I have the right Chris Buxton

"Radolava and the Viking prince" is a great book, with remarkable scenes and strong characters. I was amazed by the author's knowledge of the period and the interesting way in which he has interwoven the historic events with characters to remember.. Ancient Constantinople is described so skilfully that you acquire the feeling that you have already been there."

11 January 2012

by: Stefka Tzaneva

Г-н Бъкстон, поздравленеия за новия сайт! Току-що свърших "Радослава" - искам да Ви благодаря за изживяването! С нетърпение очаквам следващата Ви книга!

14 January 2012

by: Елена Стоянова

Congratulations for the new website.

12 January 2012

by: Tsvetan Tsvetkov


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